One in 15 Million: Cancer Risk Unlikely Related to Pesticide Exposure

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This website by CropLife International provides information about pesticides as they relate to human health. The full lifecycle of pesticides is addressed – from testing and regulation to minimization of pesticide residues in food as well as farm worker safety and good manufacturing practices.

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Necessity of Pesticides

Without crop protection, including pesticides, more than half of the world’s crops would be lost to insects, diseases and weeds.

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Pesticide Testing and Regulation

Pesticides are some of the most tested and regulated products in the world.

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Human Health and Pesticides

Pesticide residues on food are very low if present at all and they are not established causes of specific medical conditions.

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Pesticide Applicator Safety

Normal exposure to pesticides does not cause diseases or adverse conditions to those exposed to them the most – pesticide applicators.

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