Endocrine Disruptors: How we Lost Track of Scientific Focus

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This website by CropLife International provides information about pesticides as they relate to human health. The full lifecycle of pesticides is addressed – from testing and regulation to minimization of pesticide residues in food as well as farm worker safety and good manufacturing practices.

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Importance & Benefits of Pesticides

Without crop protection, including pesticides, more than half of the world’s crops would be lost to insects, diseases and weeds.

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Pesticide Testing & Regulation

Pesticides are some of the most tested and regulated products in the world.

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Human Health & Pesticides

Pesticide residues on food are very low if present at all and they are not established causes of specific medical conditions.

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Pesticide Applicator Safety

Normal exposure to pesticides does not cause diseases or adverse conditions to those exposed to them the most – pesticide applicators.

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#DYK over 18 million people in the U.S. have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. That’s why researchers at @KStateAg @KansasWheat are using #GeneEditing to reduce the #gluten levels in #wheat. Find out how in our latest video with @Better_Seed #JustGrowIt ...
Brazil is a global leader in #containermanagement. Just last year, @inpEV helped to collect and recycle 44,300 tons of #plastic. @CropLife_La #StewardshipinAction https://t.co/uTYdqrQgny https://t.co/g7gGJcujrG
#DYK that #wheat is a source of protein? In fact the developing world gets most of its protein from this key #crop! Find out how @KStateAg @KansasWheat researchers are helping feed the world by improving wheat through #GeneEditing @Better_Seed #JustGrowIt ...
#GeneEditing is an extremely powerful technology and it can solve a lot of problems that we face in #agriculture - @eakhunov of @KStateAg. Find out how researchers are using #GeneEditing to improve quality & nutrition of #wheat. #JustGrowIt @Better_Seed https://t.co/FwSqddS1Hn ...
Keep connected, keep researching, keep innovating - @kiran_cropman advice on how to find a solution to citrus greening disease. Find out more about the disease https://t.co/qAhYdOkA3V #savethecitrus @IUPACNextGen @UN4Youth @UNDESASocial @argenbiooficial @Better_Seed https://t.co/Mywaqznqsy
The #containermanagement program spearheaded by @CropLifeSA has collected and recycled close to 70% of all the pesticide containers placed on the market in South Africa #StewardshipinAction @CroplifeAME https://t.co/uTYdqrQgny https://t.co/kD1Ia6dthl
.@eakhunov researcher at @KStateAg is using #GeneEditing to produce low #gluten #wheat, while also maintaining the elasticity&viscosity of dough that's very important for bread making. Find out how in our latest video @Better_Seed #JustGrowIt https://t.co/FwSqddS1Hn @KansasWheat https://t.co/9EupkqqMP5
In January of 2019, we made a resolution to support and empower women. See what we did to accomplish that goal last year: https://t.co/KXVeU8Q9Q7 #SDG5 #BalanceForBetter @FMCCorp @Bayer4Crops @corteva @BASFAgro @Syngenta @kazyamato1 https://t.co/HRp4brX35l
By using #GeneEditing scientists can improve the nutritional value of crops like #wheat helping to address healthcare and nutrition issues. Find out how in our latest video https://t.co/FwSqddS1Hn #JustGrowIt @Better_Seed @eakhunov @KansasWheat @KState @kstateag @KSUPlantDr https://t.co/r5A2rpNpgH
Well-designed #pesticide containers are easier and safer for farmers to use plus they protect the environment, says Georg Heitmann of @Bayer4Crops. Learn more about how farmer safety is essential for the #cropprotection industry #PesticideFacts https://t.co/JT2NDxHMj1 https://t.co/pxjcDF0nik

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