Coronavirus Crisis Underscores Need for Global Food Security

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This website by CropLife International provides information about pesticides as they relate to human health. The full lifecycle of pesticides is addressed – from testing and regulation to minimization of pesticide residues in food as well as farm worker safety and good manufacturing practices.

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Importance & Benefits of Pesticides

Without crop protection, including pesticides, more than half of the world’s crops would be lost to insects, diseases and weeds.

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Pesticide Testing & Regulation

Pesticides are some of the most tested and regulated products in the world.

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Human Health & Pesticides

Pesticide residues on food are very low if present at all and they are not established causes of specific medical conditions.

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Pesticide Applicator Safety

Normal exposure to pesticides does not cause diseases or adverse conditions to those exposed to them the most – pesticide applicators.

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Insects have pros and cons in agriculture. We asked leading entomologists and plant science experts like @projectapism, @beehealthorg, @entsocsa, @beeculture and @minibeastmayhem to tell us about their favorite bug. Click the link to see how they answered.
We spoke to @angela_clutton, #food historian, to discover more about #blight, its devastating impact on our beloved #potatoes and how it's impacted lives across #Europe: @sortedfood #CropProtection #MoreWithLess />
A locust swarm unlike anything seen in more than 50 years is making its way through Africa, eating everything in its path, and threatening food security for millions of people. Researchers are working on finding solutions to this problem. ...
We’re committed to reduce agriculture’s #carbonfootprint and improve #farmer profitability. Today we celebrate the launch of our new #GoodGrowthPlan. Read about our new commitments:
Games and activities can be a great way to introduce your children to pollinators and plant science. From our Bug Heroes Card Game to making a “bee hotel” outside, don’t miss these activities from @The_RHS, @marthastewart, and @minasfazciencia.
The theme for the 2020 Norman E. Borlaug International Symposium will be Breaking New Ground: Building Resilience Today for Improved Global Food Systems Tomorrow held on October 12-16! Learn more about this annual event at #FoodPrize20
Toxicologists say: “the dose makes the poison” i.e. all chemicals (even water and oxygen) can be hazardous in excessive amounts. Watch our video about hazard and risk here: #PesticideFacts
Our goal to help #farmers & the #environment cope with #ClimateChange can only be met with ✳️ innovation & ✅creativity. Our CSO Alexandra Brand on why we're investing $2B over 5 years in #SYNnovation that we believe will result in ...
We’re honored to have been a part of this collaboration with @PepsiCo. Understanding the oat genome has the potential to improve food and nutrition security, farmer livelihoods and can help advance a more sustainable food system. Read more:
Times of crisis reinforce the urgency of resilient agricultural livelihoods.

Here’s how @FAO provides policy guidance to strengthen livelihoods and food systems in crisis situations 👉

#FAOPolicy #PolicySupport #resilience

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