Stewardship and Safety Go Glove in Glove on the Farm

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This website by CropLife International provides information about pesticides as they relate to human health. The full lifecycle of pesticides is addressed – from testing and regulation to minimization of pesticide residues in food as well as farm worker safety and good manufacturing practices.

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Importance & Benefits of Pesticides

Without crop protection, including pesticides, more than half of the world’s crops would be lost to insects, diseases and weeds.

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Pesticide Testing & Regulation

Pesticides are some of the most tested and regulated products in the world.

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Adverse Effects

A strong regulatory system ensures that people and wildlife are not exposed to pesticides at levels that may cause adverse effects.

Reference Values for Regulation

Regulatory reference or safety values for pesticides are acceptable levels of potential exposure to humans and wildlife.

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CropLife Canada recently released our 2020-2021 annual report: persevering with science. View key highlights and accomplishments from the past year here:
Stewardship is an important part of our job in the agricultural industry, from educating farmers on responsible use of pesticides to providing guidance on safe disposal. Read more: @CropLifeIntl
Learn more about how plant science innovation promotes a sustainable food system as we showcase the important work our industry is doing to improve food security, biodiversity & soil health. @corteva @BASFAgro @Bayer4Crops @ValentBioSci @FMCCorp @syngenta
Thrilled to have had a great @GlobalFarmerNet farmers discussion during a virtual side event to the @WorldFoodPrize Borlaug Dialogue. Number 1️⃣ challenge among these farmers? Misguided policy. @BayKbs @alannakochsk @CropLifeAmerica #trade #FoodPrize21
Kenya, Nigeria and Eswatini are taking the lead on genome editing in Africa as they see its potential in boosting food security and increasing farmers’ incomes, writes @vanmeeme
Farmer access to #agricultural #innovations that improve soil health is critical to reverse biodiversity and land loss, restore lost top soil and address climate change.

👀 Check out @CropLifeIntl video to learn more about the importance of #soilhealth
"With less effective herbicides, I would drive my tractor over fields more times, raising my fuel costs and food pr…
#DidYouKnow that pesticides go through strict regulations and that pesticide residues on food are very low if prese…
Misinformation about pesticides could lead to lower fruit and vegetable consumption. But The health benefits of eat…

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