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This website by CropLife International provides information about pesticides as they relate to human health. The full lifecycle of pesticides is addressed – from testing and regulation to minimization of pesticide residues in food as well as farm worker safety and good manufacturing practices.

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Importance & Benefits of Pesticides

Without crop protection, including pesticides, more than half of the world’s crops would be lost to insects, diseases and weeds.

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Pesticide Testing & Regulation

Pesticides are some of the most tested and regulated products in the world.

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Human Health & Pesticides

Pesticide residues on food are very low if present at all and they are not established causes of specific medical conditions.

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Pesticide Applicator Safety

Normal exposure to pesticides does not cause diseases or adverse conditions to those exposed to them the most – pesticide applicators.

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Find out how the #neonic ban has affected European farmers like @PaulWoldfarm who this year lost 20 meters of his oilseed rape field to flea beetles @cropprotection @GlobalFarmerNet https://t.co/crCKhfiMAS https://t.co/2zFR2hFyr4
Mr. D'ARCY Quinn, Director - Anti Counterfeit, @CropLifeIntl speaking on Counterfeit pesticides and its effects in various countries at @ficci_india 's Roundtable on Supporting farmers with Quality Crop Protection Products. https://t.co/JrMtV0VnOg
"If we didn't have access to pesticides, farming would continue and food would be significantly more expensive" - @PaulWoldfarm explains why he #pesticides and how these help his protect his crops #WithOrWithout @cropprotection @GlobalFarmerNet https://t.co/crCKhfiMAS https://t.co/FPbBYM0hty
New report on insect decline is not quite as it may seem on first viewing. Read more in this interesting piece from @TomClarke_ITV on @itvnews: https://t.co/oUhs3dWTeN
As we face increasing heat waves and drought more than 15K scientists are sounding an alarm about #ClimateChange. Find out how #plantbreeding can help crops like #lettuce resist the heat #CRISPR #innovation #JustGrowIt @UCDavisSBC @CropLifeIntl https://t.co/CFyMi2FPBi https://t.co/XQZZMPJwLB
TWITTER: Only eat natural foods.

TRUTH: The following foods do not exist in nature:


(P.S. That's pretty much every food emoji)
Are you 18-40? Are you passionate about developing a sustainable farming future and do you have the energy, passion and creative ideas to do it? If the answer is yes, check out #iupacNextGen! https://t.co/A9pWX9VL9a @CropLifeIntl @IAAS_World @YPARD @iupac2019 @GFARforum https://t.co/5xRzzhyIU5
#ClimateChange threatens the Salad Bowl of the world. #CRISPR can help keep lettuce a dominant crop and save the Salad Bowl. Watch this video to find out how researchers are fighting back against climate change. #JustGrowIt @UCDavisSBC @CropLifeIntl https://t.co/CFyMi2FPBi https://t.co/IsgRSrJ0SW
"#Agriculture is life, and my life is agriculture. I love advocating and telling the story of #ag" Doris Mold of @AGDAY365 @Women4Ag speaks on her work & why the industry needs to align with consumers https://t.co/RKWFDvNSUc #FoodHeroes #IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter #WomenInScience ...

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